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Coming Soon   Online November 1st, 2015 | ©2015 Mindtool Films
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Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

  • If you like Scifi Noir stories akin to Max Headroom, VR5, Johnny Mneumonic, Dark Angel, Blade Runner, and Judge Dredd, by way of Heavy Metal, then you'll definitely get into Mr Sumbody, an independent web trilogy film.

    Nerdversity, California
  • Watching Mr. Sumbody is like watching the pages of Heavy Metal magazine come to life on your screen. It's sexy sci-fi awesome." Terry Miles, Vancouver, Canada

    Terry Miles, Vancouver, Canada
  • Mr. Sumbody is an intriguing sci-fi mystery with an anti-hero cut from the same cloth as Sam Spade and Mike Hammer. Creator/director Trevor Mirosh has crafted a compellingly futuristic.

    Rod T Faulkner, The 7th Matrix
  • Love independent films and this one takes you on a road trip you will never forget. Creepy bad guy.

    inger Mayberry, Vancouver

Mr. Sumbody” is a dramatic Sci-Fi Trilogy thriller about an underground news reporter who must discover the truth when he slowly realize his life has been affected by a mind control drug designed to extend life.

Trevor Mirosh
Dean Aylesworth, Garry Chalk, Rob Labelle, Amanda Mcewan, Alexandra Mihill, Music by John Sereda
Sci-fi / Thriller
Run Time
16 minutes